In our continued pursuit to provide clients with the best diagnostic testing options available, Evexia Diagnostics is elated to announce our latest partnership with 3X4 Genetics. 3X4 offers a cutting-edge and innovative test that will change your understanding of how genetic testing can work for your practice and benefit your patients.

Understand your patients better than ever before.

Discover your patients’ unique genetic story.

This easy-to-use genetic test by 3×4 will provide you deep insight into how your patients can live longer, healthier, and better.

Introduction & Overview
of the 3×4 Test

An Evexia Webinar Series Feature

July 14th, 2021 @ 3pm EST

3X4 Genetics’ industry-leading test is based on 20+ years of scientific research and clinical practice. Instead of looking at gene variations (SNPs) in isolation, the 3X4 test takes a whole-body approach to health by focusing on the relationship between genes in 36 metabolic pathways in the body. These insights all work together to provide actionable items for treatment interventions and lifestyle improvements for better patient outcomes.

Join us for an exciting live kick-off event on Wednesday, July 14th, when we host a webinar with special guest Dr. Yael Joffe, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of 3X4. Dr. Joffe will provide an introduction and overview of this revolutionary new test, don’t miss it!

36 core insights to improved patient outcomes

All in 1 blueprint.

The Scientist
behind 3X4

In her role as Chief Science Officer, Dr. Yael Joffe brings over 20 years of experience in nutrition, genetics, sound research, clinical practice, and scientific integrity to 3X4.

In the rapidly evolving discipline of nutrigenomics, Yael is globally acknowledged as a leading expert in the field. She is a highly sought-after speaker, has co-authored two books, ‘It’s Not Just Your Genes’ and ‘Genes To Plate’, and has been published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Yael is at the forefront of nutrigenomic education and has helped develop and supervise nutrigenomics courses around the world, including her own Manuka courses, which have trained hundreds of healthcare practitioners globally.

She is currently an Adjunct Professor, teaching Nutrigenomics at Rutgers University and MUIH.

The 3×4 scientific approach is based on 3 key principles.

Systems approach

Our bodies are complex. 3X4 looks at how our genes work together in cellular pathways and functional systems to control processes such as inflammation, metabolism and detoxification.

Going upstream

Traditionally, clinicians have spent far too much time focusing on and trying to fix symptoms. 3X4 wants to change this by helping practitioners understand what’s happening at a deep cellular level to prevent, delay, or reverse disease.

Sustainable change

We believe that health is not a static condition but a daily choice. Using the 3X4 Blueprint, you can gain a deeper understanding of your patients and the daily choices they need to make to achieve the health outcomes they desire.