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No more dealing with multiple lab orders or laboratory test sites. The most trusted laboratories all on ONE platform. Simple, Easy, Convenient. Use our proprietary platform Evexialink to place multiple orders from multiple labs.

Over 6000 Conventional and Specialty Tests

We have testing in every health category and condition across 20+ Laboratory Partners. Here are just some of the categories we offer testing in.

Testing in all of the major health categories

Gastro Intestinal


Immune System



GBone / Joint

Our Laboratory Partners

Create the Testing You Want with Custom Panels

Create customized panels that best suit the needs of your practice with Evexia’s Custom Panel Builder.  Choose from thousands of individual tests to create the perfect panel specific to your patients’ needs.

Unbeatable Pricing

The team at Evexia has built relationships with all the most popular and respected laboratory testing companies in the industry. They are able to leverage those relationships to provide Evexia clients with unbeatable test prices. We are so sure that our diagnostic test prices are hands down the lowest on the market that we have a price match guarantee. When combined with our outstanding EvexiaLink platform and Client Success team, we are sure you won’t be disappointed in joining Evexia Diagnostics.

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