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A first line of defense against aging, inflammation, vascular disease
and poor brain function at any age.

To learn more about the BrainSpan Assessement view this informative webinar now.

The fundamentals of well-being starts with understanding the nutritional and functional aspects of cell health .




Measuring is knowing. Knowing is improving.

“Systems integrated well-being” is the hallmark of BrainSpan. Our integrated assessment focuses not just on the principles of cellular and metabolic health, but even more importantly, how their compositional health impacts the quality of the nervous system and the entire organ architecture. 

We give the same focus and attention to patient engagement, awareness and compliance as we do the wealth of high quality science behind what we measure. 

  • BrainSpan has documented the internal validity of the assessment and the strength of the association of fatty acids with cognitive function.

  • BrainSpan has documented an average improvement of 60% or more in fatty acids over thousands of patients who performed the recommended testing protocol of 3 tests over 4-6 months.

  • This improvement correlated with the expected increase in memory, cognitive flexibility, processing speed and attention across all age groups resulting in an average total executive function improvement of over 30%.

Dynamic, integrated data that can be used to empower,
motivate and drive behavioral change.

BrainSpan provides the results in a 10 page, highly engaging, easily understood report that goes far beyond reporting numbers. The above illustrates the BrainSpan Index – a predictive view of well-being based on several metrics such as cognitive function and independent level of DHA, a fatty acid that supports neurogenesis throughout life.

What does it all mean for today? What does it mean for the future?
Is there untapped potential?

The condition of cells dictates health, performance and resilience at every age.

Ordering the BrainSpan Test through Evexia

Step 1. 

Login to your Evexia Account

Step 2.

Go to the Test Menu

Step 3.

Search the Category Menu by Performing Lab (BrainSpan)

Step 4.

Select the BrainSpan Assessment and order ($99).

Step 5.

You will recieve a call or email from Evexia’s Client Success Team to complete the order as the test needs to be assigned to a particular patient before the order is final.

*Understand these additional details before ordering:

  1. A charge $20 per kit at the time of test kit shipment due to the nature of the test needing to be assigned to a particular patient at the time of order.

  2. Evexia will ship the test kit which can be dropped ship to your patient.

  3. The balance of the test fee – $79.00 will be charged when Evexia processes the final BrainSpan report.

or call our Client Success Team to order at 888-852-2723

If you are not a client, to get started please register for an account here: