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Evexia’s Mobile Phlebotomy Service

Evexia Diagnostics™ provides access to a network of over 6,000 carefully selected mobile phlebotomists, covering almost every major city in the U.S. These trained professionals can travel to your office or patient’s home to collect specimens for any of the tests that we offer, which require a blood draw, including COVID-19 options. Multiple solutions are available to suit your needs and those of your patients.

Who can benefit from mobile phlebotomy service?

  • Anyone with a chronic illness in need of chronic
  • Elderly people
  • New parents
  • Businesspeople & public figures
  • Employers seeking to implement wellness initiatives in their workplace
  • Medical clinics
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Night shift workers
  • Immunocompromised people
  • And many more!

Convenient, Accessible Phlebotomy

Mobile phlebotomy service is one of the most effective ways to make quality healthcare more accessible to the general public. No matter whether you’re a private individual whose schedule, notoriety, or other life circumstances demand a more private and precise way to get individualized phlebotomy, a business seeking to create a healthier work environment, or a medical clinic looking to handle a surge in demand for phlebotomy services, our trained specialists are here to help. Here’s just a few of the advantages that our mobile phlebotomy services can offer you:

No Transportation Needed

For individuals, perhaps the biggest appeal to our mobile phlebotomy services is that they come to you! There’s no need to make time for a drive to a clinic or a hospital, which can be a particularly significant time save for people in congested urban areas. No matter whether it would be most convenient for you to have phlebotomy service at your work, home, or long-term care facility, our mobile phlebotomy specialists will be there with all necessary equipment to provide you private, personal phlebotomy service. Order mobile phlebotomy service from Evexia Diagnostics today to make your personal healthcare more efficient!

Simple Appointments

With mobile phlebotomy services from Evexia Diagnostics, the only stakeholders are you, your mobile phlebotomy specialist, and our scheduling team. Once you’ve joined Evexia and provided us all necessary information for the specific phlebotomy services you’d like to receive, your work is done, and you can count on quick, convenient phlebotomy service at the day, time, and location requested. There’s no need to check in, lose time in a waiting room, or any other hassle — just quick, convenient, personal phlebotomy service, whenever and wherever you need it.

Flexible Scheduling

We at Evexia Diagnostics introduced mobile phlebotomy services to ensure maximum access to vital healthcare services. Whether it be due to unique work schedules, constant business travel, specific health concerns, or all the duties that come to caring for young children or immunocompromised people, we know that many people struggle to get their healthcare needs fulfilled by the traditional 9-5 medical clinic. With our mobile phlebotomy services, you really can order personal healthcare services any time, anywhere. We’re here to serve night shift workers, weekend warriors, travel club veterans, and all the other types of people who simply don’t have time to fit in the schedules of traditional medical clinics. Our flexible scheduling process makes it easy to schedule service at times that your average medical clinic would consider ‘odd hours’.

Blood Draws Still Available

There’s no phlebotomy-related service that our mobile specialists can’t offer you in the comfort and convenience of your own home or workplace. Some people hesitate to order needed mobile phlebotomy services because they assume that practitioners must have their capabilities limited in some way by not being in a fixed clinical location — this couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, our mobile phlebotomy specialists will come prepared with all the equipment they need to provide any and all phlebotomy services you need safely and sanitarily, including blood draws.

Increased Quality Of Care

Mobile phlebotomy services provide you the benefit of private, personal care from our practitioners. Whereas phlebotomists in a traditional clinical setting might be limited or pressured by the time constraints of their schedule, our mobile phlebotomy specialists have the ability to take their time to provide you more personable and precise phlebotomy services tailored to your unique needs as a patient. Mobile phlebotomists are more likely to work with the same patients over time, meaning that with time, you can expect more genuine and personal service from our mobile phlebotomy specialists as you develop a working relationship. This can provide a sense of comfort and routine if you’re someone who experiences anxiety about dealing with medical issues.

Mobile phlebotomy’s personal quality of care benefits aren’t limited to private service. Our mobile phlebotomy specialists are often hired to help with blood drives, ensuring patients comfort and precision as they seek to help those most in need.

Minimized Exposure Risk

Mobile phlebotomy services have been a significant relief in the age of COVID-19. Particularly for immunocompromised individuals, it is much safer to arrange private phlebotomy service for oneself and negate the exposure risks that come with venturing outdoors than it is to visit a clinic and sit in the same waiting room as dozens to hundreds of other people. Our mobile phlebotomy service allows you to continue to actively pursue better health outcomes while cutting out all the risks of exposure that traditional clinics simply can’t eliminate due to being public-facing organizations.

In essence, when you choose mobile phlebotomy service from Evexia Diagnostics, you’ll receive higher quality care in a private environment that will save you time and present fewer risks to your health than a traditional medical clinic. In other words, mobile phlebotomy service is an investment in your own time and health. Who wouldn’t make that choice? Sign up with Evexia Diagnostics today to begin scheduling your mobile phlebotomy appointment!

How Evexia’s Mobile Phlebotomy Specialists Can Help

Individual Patients

When it comes to private individuals, appointment scheduling, quality of care, and potential exposure risks are often the biggest impediment to patients getting the phlebotomy service they need to stay healthy and manage any health conditions they may have.

We offer personable, easy-to-schedule mobile phlebotomy service that will meet you on your terms where and when you need to provide an individualized list of services tailored to your unique healthcare needs. No need to reschedule meetings, find transportation, seek a sitter for kids, or expose yourself to the risks of a crowded clinic. Schedule private, personal mobile phlebotomy service for you and yours!

Young Families

Maximize maternity leave by eliminating the need to leave your home. Young children need the attention of their mothers and fathers more than new parents need to go into a clinic to receive healthcare services.

Our mobile phlebotomy services allow you to combine two or more items on your to-do list into one, bringing immunizations, blood draws, and other phlebotomy services to the comfort of your own home at one convenient appointment time for the whole family. So cross those calls to the doctor’s office off your list. Tell your sitter they can stay home. The Evexia Diagnostics team is here to make keeping your family healthy simpler than ever.

Senior Care Facilities

Does your facility have a lot of seniors in need of personal, high-quality care? Are you struggling to maintain enough staff to handle a surge in phlebotomy-related healthcare needs? Want to mitigate your facility’s liabilities in the age of COVID-19? Our mobile phlebotomy specialists are here to help.

Instead of investing expensive personal healthcare providers for your residents or rounding up everyone in the facility for a drive to a local clinic, simplify your planning and budgeting by bringing our mobile phlebotomists in to help your seniors in-home. You’ll save time and money and minimize safety and exposure risks all at once!

Medical Facilities

Does your clinic receive more calls than it can take? Are patients complaining of wait times for appointments? Are you struggling to respond to surges in demand during flu season? The Evexia Diagnostics team is here to help.

Our mobile phlebotomy specialists can provide temporary reinforcements to your team that may be more cost-effective than offering employees overtime or time-and-a-half to help with increased demands for phlebotomy services.

You can expect nothing less than punctual, precise professionals who will show up ready to work when and where you need them, fully stocked to offer the same quality of care and range of phlebotomy services that your clinic does. You stand to protect employee morale and boost the potential health outcomes of your patients when you choose the mobile phlebotomy team at Evexia Diagnostics to help you effectively respond to surges in phlebotomy service needs.


Save time and money and maintain a healthier workplace with our mobile phlebotomy services! The same benefits that private patients can enjoy by choosing mobile phlebotomy services — convenient, flexibly-scheduled healthcare — extend to your business, as well. When you invest in mobile phlebotomy service to help your employees quickly and conveniently take care of their phlebotomy-related health service needs, you minimize workers’ need to take time off for doctor’s appointments or sick days. You can also expect a healthier workplace to work more productively than a workplace in which employee health is not valued as highly. Keep your employees healthy and in-office by investing in mobile phlebotomy services for your company!

Our Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Mobile Phlebotomy – Single Collection*

A carefully selected and trained phlebotomist performs the blood draw services, required to complete testing ordered by an authorized healthcare provider, in the comfort of your home or office.

*price can change depending on what is being collected

Mobile Phlebotomy – Hourly (3-Hour Requirement)

A carefully selected and trained phlebotomist will perform the blood draw services in the privacy of your home or office on an hourly basis. Please note that the $100 price point reflected is per hour. Therefore, the cost for a 3-hour scheduled draw (which is the minimum requirement) would be $300, plus $100 for each additional hour.

Please contact us for pricing at (888) 852-2723

How To Order Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Follow these simple steps to placing your order:

Step 1: Select your desired phlebotomy option.

Step 2: Login to your Evexia Account and complete your order through the Evexia store.

Step 3: You will be contacted to schedule your mobile phlebotomy appointment once your collection materials have been received.

What To Expect After Your Order Is Submitted

  1. After you have submitted your order, you will receive two emails.

The first email will confirm your order request.

The second email will confirm your payment.

  1. Next, once your order has been processed, collection materials will then be sent to you via Priority USPS. Please be aware that courier services nationwide and USPS are experiencing some delays in service due to COVID-19.


  1. Finally, you will be contacted by our mobile phlebotomy service within 24-48 hours of receiving your collection materials to schedule your blood draw.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions, and we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction. Check out our FAQs page for answers and insights to some commonly asked questions.