Evexia Financial Solutions™

Scale your practice with simple and convenient turn-key financial solutions from Evexia.

Evexia Financial Solutions™ has partnered with several of the best traditional and non-traditional lending institutions and business consulting firms to support its clients to grow and scale their businesses. An Evexia Financial Solutions™ specialist will review each client’s unique financial needs to identify and recommend the right lender to obtain the required funding in as little as 24 hours.

Equipment & Inventory Financing

Evexia Financial Solutions™ Equipment & Inventory Financing Program can help you secure the affordable funding you need for equipment upgrades and purchases.

SBA Loans

For financing ranging from $100k to $5M, Evexia Financial Solutions™ SBA Loan Program is government-backed with great terms: low rates, low down and monthly payments, and flexible use of proceeds. You will get the capital you need while maintaining your current banking relationships.

Business Cash Advance Loans

Evexia Financial Solutions™ Business Cash Advance Loans Program enables you to convert your future sales into the capital to meet the immediate needs of your business.

Bridge Loans

When the need for capital is immediate (such as commercial real estate acquisitions), Evexia Financial Solutions™ Bridge Loans can provide the short-term funding that businesses need until an alternative financing option is secured.

Accounts Receivable Financing

For businesses with monthly customer invoices, Evexia Financial Solutions™ Accounts Receivable Lending Program lets you accelerate cash flow by financing your open invoices.

Business & Personal Lines of Credit

Evexia Financial Solutions™ Business Line of Credit provides access to available funds for short-term financing, funding for seasonal needs, or use for emergencies when cash flow is tight.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

For purchase and refinance loans ranging from $250k to $5M+, Evexia Financial Solutions™ CRE Lending Program allows business owners with investment and owner-occupied properties to benefit from easy terms and great rates on their commercial real estate.

Merchant Services

Evexia Financial Solutions™ Merchant Services offer a broad range of solutions to help you grow your practice with competitive credit card processing rates and outstanding customer support.