An easy-to-use platform for ordering ALL available lab tests and more!

EvexiaLink™  Features

Easy Ordering of Diagnostic Tests
& Nutraceuticals

EvexiaLink™ allows clinicians to order laboratory testing and Nutraceuticals for patients in any state (excluding NJ, NY & RI), throughout Canada and in Puerto Rico.

Custom Panel

Evexia clients can create custom panels from a vast catalog of individual tests.

  • Custom name your panels
  • Store custom panels for quick and easy reordering in the “My Favorites” section of lab ordering dashboard.


Unlock the power of EvexiaDirect™ with EvexiaLink™ having your patients pay™ directly for individual tests, panels, Nutraceuticals, and specialty tests.

  • Easy one-click function
  • Set your patient retail pricing and watch your profits grow

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EMR/EHR Support

Evexia Diagnostics™ has spent years developing our customized technical infrastructure. This infrastructure and our technical expertise enable us to support our clients by providing multiple EMR/EHR integrations.

HL7 Data Integration

Evexia Diagnostics™ supports clients with HL7 data integration of lab results with their EMRs/EHRs. Our solutions offer secure, near real-time data flow and synchronization with 24/7 monitoring and support.

EvexiaLink™: Overview

  • Create custom panels
  • Establish retail pricing (for Patient Pay™)
  • Order tests, kits, Functional Health Reports™ & Nutraceuticals
  • Provides access to patients’ laboratory test results
  • Generates Functional Health Reports™ with nutraceutical guidance
  • Integrates patient results with clinician’s EMR/EHR system
  • Pre-pay for tests & Nutraceuticals
    via Patient Pay™

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The EvexiaLink™ platform was designed to make the ordering of ALL available conventional and specialty lab tests quick and easy. EvexiaLink™ allows you to order not only testing, but Evexia Nutraceuticals™ as well for your patients.

  • Simple, intuitive way to create lab orders with your custom panels and individual tests
  • Easily track lab orders and results for your patients
  • Automated Functional Health Report™ generation with qualified panels
  • Simplify reconciliation with new billing search options
  • Book and schedule consultations with our live “Ask the Doctor” service

Please contact our Client Services Team at 888-852-2723 with any questions or concerns you may have. You may also click on the “LAB ORDERS” tab for instructions on how to use EvexiaLink™.

How To Register A New Patient and Order Tests or Panels