Food sensitivity and related diseases affects
at least 100 million people worldwide.

The FIT Test employs unique methods that detect both IgG antibody and Immune Complexes together to determine the reactivity of each sample against a wide variety of food antigens.

Measuring IgG and Immune Complexes together increases the sensitivity
over other tests which measure IgG alone!

FIT TEST 132 & 22 are available as finger stick or blood draw

Zonulin is also available as an add on.

FIT Measures 132 foods, Colorings and Additives

Dairy / Grains /  Fruits / Meats

Nuts / Fish / Seeds /  Beans /  Fowl

Shellfish / Vegetables / Spices

Microbial / Additives / Extracts

Easy to Interpret Report

The report depicts the results for 132 foods from common food groups displayed in an easy to read color coded graph that shows the foods which cause the highest sensitivities. This easy to use, one page graph of clearly listed foods will assist the patient and provider with treatment options.

Provider and Patient Testimonials

“I believe this test should be part of all general health screens like a thyroid panel or cholesterol screening.”

“Anyone with chronic or unexplained symptoms or illness would benefit from this test.”

“I have suffered with IBS for years and after I eliminated the foods identified by the test the symptoms disappeared.”

According to a study performed on 19-year old collegiate athletes to examine the affect of IgG Reactivity on athletic performance, it was discovered that food elimination diet may have a positive impact on academic performance by improving memory, concentration, and information processing.1

Although further study is needed, more researchers and practitioner are discovering that our daily health is tied to the way our individual bodies react to the foods we ingest.

The Food Inflammation Test by KBMO is a perfect tool to help patients discover what foods their bodies have issues interacting with. The FIT Test measures the sensitivity to 132 foods, colorings and additives spanning all major food groups.

Susan Stockton, DC, PhD, Karen Breshears, MS, RD, and David McA. Baker, PhD. “The Impact of a Food Elimination Diet on Collegiate Athletes’ 300-meter Run Time and Concentration”. June 2019).

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