Did you get vaccinated or have COVID-19?
New antibody testing can provide insight
into your immune response.

Serological COVID-19 spike protein antibody testing can identify individuals who have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, regardless of symptom presentation, and quantify their personal immune response. We offer two testing options for the S-RBD antibody (spike protein receptor binding domain), the target of current COVID-19 vaccines due to the S-RBD antibodies ability to block the passage of COVID-19 to cells. The tests are optimized for pre and post vaccination testing, to deliver the information your patients need based on their individual circumstances.

When combined into a pre/post vaccination assessment, the COVID-19 Immune Response Panel and the COVID-19 Vaccine Response Screen provide clarity into not only when an individual should receive a vaccine, but the effectiveness of their body’s immune response to the inoculation.

COVID-19 Immune Response Panel

  • Evaluates antibodies against the nucleocapsid (N) protein and provides a single positive or negative result.
  • Evaluates S-RBD antibody and provides both a positive/negative result and a semi-quantitative estimate.
  • Best for patients who want to understand if they have a current or previous COVID-19 infection and/or establish a pre-vaccine baseline immune response.
  • Can help determine the ability of an individual’s immune system to fight off a new COVID-19 exposure.

COVID-19 Vaccination Response Screen

  • Evaluates S-RBD antibody and provides both a positive/negative result and a semi-quantitative estimate.
  • Best for patients who have fully completed the vaccination process.
  • Can confirm a successful antibody production response to the COVID-19 vaccination when performed after a pre-vaccination COVID-19 Immune Response Panel.

Assess Patient Vulnerability to COVID-19

Advanced Chemiluminescence Technology

95% of Results Available in 24 hours

Testing Process

Each test is performed using a Roche enzyme-amplified chemiluminescence platform (CLA) to detect even exceptionally small amounts of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. The CLA technique features higher sensitivity than conventional ELISA or rapid lateral flow tests and was purposely selected based on our 30+ years of experience in immunoassay development. We are confident this process provides the most accurate results.

These tests are FDA authorized for emergency use.

Specimen Collection

This test requires a serum specimen. US BioTek supplies collection kits free of charge to licensed practitioners with a US BioTek account.

Collection by a standard SST is also acceptable.

Sample Reports

Our reports are straightforward and easy to read, so you and your patient can focus on follow-up care. The reports for our COVID-19 Spike Protein Antibody tests clearly indicate if S-RBD antibodies are present and, when tested for, indicates whether IgG and IgM levels are reactive. The reports also include important information about the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get test results?

Once the specimen has been received by our lab, you can expect test results in 24-48 hours. 99% of results are available in 24 hours and 5% in 48 hours. You will be able to view the results via our online portal.

Do these tests indicate an active COVID-19 infection?

Antibody tests are not considered diagnostic for COVID-19. The COVID-19 Immune Response Panel measures IgM antibodies which can rise during an active infection.

If an individual is symptomatic or has been recently exposed to COVID-19 we suggest following up with a molecular diagnostic assay to rule out infection in these individuals.

Are these tests FDA-approved?

Our COVID-19 Immune Response Panel and COVID-19 Vaccination Response Screen have been FDA-authorized for emergency use.

What are the sensitivity and specificity of these tests?

We use state-of-the-art, highly sensitive chemiluminescent platforms to run these tests. These machines are developed and manufactured in the US and offer the most accurate IgM and IgG coronavirus antibody testing currently available.

The COVID-19 Immune Response Panel has an overall specificity of 99.8% and a sensitivity of 100% at >14 days post-infection.

Can these tests be combined with the COVID-19 Diagnostic Test?

Yes. Consider combining our COVID-19 antibody and diagnostic tests if:

  • Swab collection is difficult
  • There is a history of COVID-19 symptoms, but subsequent recovery
  • You have concerns about a patient’s ability to mount an immune response to the virus
Can these tests be used for children?

There is evidence that this type of test is not as accurate for children. We do not recommend using these tests for children under the age of 2, or children of any age that are currently breastfeeding.

Can I use my existing US BioTek serum collection kits?

If you have US BioTek serum kits that contain SST tubes they may be used for Antibody test collection. If your kits contain a plain red-top tube and a serum transfer tube, then the kits cannot be used for the spike protein tests.

Do I need to have an account before I can order COVID-19 Antibody Tests?

Yes. We invite licensed healthcare providers to set up an account with us. Our services can be ordered by a healthcare provider who is authorized under his or her scope of practice to order tests and interpret results for the purposes of diagnosis and decisions regarding patient treatment.

I am a patient. Can I order a COVID-19 test from you?

At this time we are only able to offer our COVID-19 antibody tests to medical providers for in-clinic use.

To Order COVID-19 Antibody Tests