Is Healthie your EHR solution?

Evexia Diagnostics is excited to announce that we are now integrated with Healthie. Setting up your account to activate this new feature is easy. Simply complete this form below
and return to us via fax at (888) 952-2723 or email at We will contact you once your account is setup.

About Healthie

Expanding the reach of healthcare

Healthies’s mission is to increase access to nutrition and wellness care. Healthie is a technology company that offers tools for providers to succeed in coaching and care. Businesses of every size – from new practices to public companies – use our software to run their businesses and build relationships with clients.

What You Get

Your All-In-One
HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platform

Offering the most comprehensive suite of features, Healthie enables nutrition and wellness professionals to provide modern and accessible healthcare.

Convenient Access

Login from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones

Advanced Security

HIPAA-, PIPEDA-, GDPR- & PCI-compliance

Scalable Options

Easily expand your services & offerings as your business grows

Premium Customizations

Hundreds of settings to customize your account & client experience


Software That Is Designed For Your Professional Needs

Your business and client needs are unique, so we’ve built Healthie to be customizable.