Infinite Allergy Labs is located in Duluth, GA, and specializes in food and environmental allergy antigen testing, with a focus on producing accurate, reproducible, and quality results.

Available testing:

  • 88 Food Allergy and Sensitivity TEST (FAST) (IgG, C3d/C3b, IgE, IgG4)
  • 88 Food Antigen IgE
  • 88 Food Antigen IgE with potential blocking antibody IgG4
  • 88 Food Antigen IgE/IgG4 & IgG (IgG, IgE, IgG4)
  • 88 Food Antigen IgG
  • 88 Food Antigen IgG with C3d/C3b
  • Antigen IgE Environmental Allergy