Headquartered in Clackamas, O.R., Labrix is considered a leader in accurate and reliable saliva hormone and urinary neurotransmitter testing.

Available testing:

  • Adrenal Function Panel (H)
  • Basic Salivary Hormone Panel (H)
  • Comprehensive Adrenal Function Profile (H)
  • Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Profile (NT)
  • Comprehensive Plus Salivary Hormone Panel (H)
  • Comprehensive Salivary Hormone Panel (H)
  • Cortisol Panel (H)
  • Melatonin Panel (H)
  • Neuro-Adrenal Panel (NT/H)
  • Neuro-Basic Panel (NT)
  • Neuro-Hormone Complete Panel (NT/H)
  • Neuro-Hormone Complete Plus (NT/H)
  • Short Salivary Comprehensive Panel (H)
  • Women’s Health and Breast Panel (H)