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with Evexia Diagnostics™

Evexia Diagnostics™ has the tools to help you make MORE TIME FOR PATIENTS and increase your clinical success by offering AMAZINGLY DISCOUNTED PRICES ON LABORATORY TESTING you use everyday.

In fact, with only a handful of cash patients, you can more than pay for the $50 annual cost of your account. After that, all those savings goes right into fueling your successful functional health practice.

By becoming a client of Evexia Diagnostics, you will have access to both conventional and functional lab testing, all at discounted rates. You will be able to customize a blood panel and receive a free Functional Health Report with each qualifying panel ordered. This report is a tool that aids in the interpretation of the lab results for your client.

Evexia Clients Enjoy Diagnostic Testing at a Fraction of the Cost and so much more...

Free Functional Health Report™

Our Evexia Functional Health ReportsTM provide comprehensive interpretations designed to help you identify the most important and relevant clinical conditions present. What’s more, you’ll also get customized recommendations for the Evexia NutraceuticalsTM that best address each condition.

Evexia Nutraceuticals™

We offer a line of high quality, research-backed nutraceutical products that are manufactured with qualified, superior raw materials at FDA inspected facilities. Evexia NutraceuticalsTM are transforming how clinicians manage the health of their patients by providing products that promote optimal health.

Practice Management Solutions™

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How To Become a Client?

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To view Evexia's test menu and pricing before becoming a client, follow these steps: Go to

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  1. Click on the “Register” buttons at the top or bottom of this page
  2. Completely fill in the information required and you will then be emailed a temporary username/password which you can use to access the website for 30 days.
Register For A Full Account

After reviewing Evexia's test menu and pricing, if you are interested in becoming a new client, contact Gina Guilbeault, Vice President of Business Development for Evexia Diagnostics.

Gina can be reached via email at or by telephone 888-852-2723.