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with Evexia Diagnostics™

Evexia Diagnostics™ has been supporting functional medicine practitioners since 2007 with unbelievable discounted pricing on laboratory testing and clinical support tools like Functional Health Reports™ and EvexiaLink™ lab ordering.

SAVE BIG with Evexia Test Pricing

With only a handful of cash patients, you can more than pay for the $50 annual cost* of your account. After that, all those savings goes right into fueling your successful functional health practice.

By becoming a client of Evexia Diagnostics, you will have access to both conventional and functional lab testing, all at discounted rates.

* There is a one time $250 registration fee but if you mention “SAVE MONEY & TIME” receive $100 OFF enrollment.


You’ll have more time to spend with your patients with our CUSTOM PANELS feature that makes ordering repetitive panel(s)/Test(s) a snap.

Create any combination of test(s)/panel(s) you want and save them to your favorites for easy access.

Save even more time diagnosing your patients with the use of our FUNCTIONAL HEALTH REPORTS™ that provides comprehensive interpretations designed to help you identify the most important and relevant clinical conditions present. What’s more, you’ll also get customized recommendations for the Evexia NutraceuticalsTM that best address each condition.

We know your practice will benefit from being among the special clinicians
who use our services to provide better care to their patients.

Please take advantage of a FREE TRIAL account to review our pricing and service.
After that if our services are not for you at this time just walk away.
If however you feel we can help your functional medicine practice upgrade to a full account.

How To Become a full Client?

Online Registration

Click Here to register for a full Evexia Diagnostics Account.


Register by Phone or Email

If you would like to register by phone or email please contact Gina Guilbeault,
Vice President of Business Development for Evexia Diagnostics.

Gina can be reached via email at
or by telephone 888-852-2723.

Don't forget that if you mention
"SAVE MONEY & TIME" you will recieve $50 OFF enrollment.

As an Evexia Client you will also have access to these additional features ...

Evexia Nutraceuticals™

We offer a line of high quality, research-backed nutraceutical products that are manufactured with qualified, superior raw materials at FDA inspected facilities. Evexia NutraceuticalsTM are transforming how clinicians manage the health of their patients by providing products that promote optimal health.

Practice Management Solutions™

Transform Your Practice with Evexia Diagnostics
Practice Management Solutions™:


Evexia Financial Solutions

Evexia Business Solutions

Evexia University