Marketing Solutions

Patient-focused solutions designed to help practitioners promote the benefits of personalized medicine.

As an Evexia client, we offer you marketing guidance and support with patient-focused content that simplifies clinical diagnostic testing and helps your patients understand their personalized treatment protocols as they start on their “pathway to wellness.”

It’s easy to start:

  1. Send Evexia your logo so we can private label your marketing material
  2. Follow Evexia’s Facebook page through your business Facebook page (not your personal page)
  3. Follow Evexia’s LinkedIn page

Evexia will provide at no charge:

  • Private label Functional Health Reports (FHRs)*

  • Functional Health Report Brochure

  • Private label topic-specific sell-sheets and videos

    *choose nutraceutical guidance on each FHR for a free report, and avoid a $5.00 FHR fee

Our marketing solutions are designed to support our clients’ practices by educating both clinicians and patients on the benefits of our offered tests and services. They are easily accessible to our clients and many can be customized.

Benefits to you:

  1. It’s free – Evexia creates all the content for you
  2. It only takes a few clicks – to share through your Facebook page
  3. The campaign content allows you to market with a consistent message to your patients
  4. The discounts run for the campaign’s duration
  5. It looks like you created the content

Diagnostic Testing Sell-Sheets (Customizable)

At Evexia, we know you don’t always have time to run your practice and also be a copywriter, graphic designer, and marketing manager. These FREE and CUSTOMIZABLE marketing materials will help your practice explain the benefits of testing in clear and concise language to your patients. 

ALL NEW – Diagnostic Testing Marketing Videos (Customizable)

All the patient-facing information from our marketing sell-sheets can also be made available in a dynamic video format. Supply your logo and contact information, and we will send you a link to download your video so you can leverage it to support your practice.