Evexia clients can now order diagnostic testing for minors.

In response to customer requests, Evexia has updated its patient age restriction policy when using the Evexia Internal Physician Network (EIPN) to order labs for all non-licensed account clients and licensed account clients who are ordering lab tests for out-of-state patients.

Effective October 8, 2018, all non-licensed healthcare provider accounts will be updated to allow for registration of patients between the age of 6 and 18 in EvexiaLink. This change will also apply to licensed healthcare provider accounts when ordering labs for out-of-state patients. While this change will enable non-licensed and licensed healthcare providers to order blood tests for minors, each order will require a consent form to be electronically signed by a parent/guardian.

Step 1: Register Patient in EvexiaLink

When registering a patient between the age of 6 and 18, the additional required fields will be displayed once the Date of Birth is entered. The following information is required to complete the registration of a minor patient.

  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Parent/Guardian Relationship to Patient
  • Parent/Guardian Email Address (Important: This email address will be used to send a consent form. Please enter this email address in lieu of the patient’s email address.)
  • Parent/Guardian Phone Number
  • Parent/Guardian Address (Street, City, State, Zip)

Step 2: Create a Lab Order

Step 3: Obtain an Electronic Signature for the Consent Form

  • If a parent/guardian is present at the time of lab order creation in the office, the consent form will be presented with a signature field once the order is submitted. Simply have the parent/guardian review the form and type in his/her name and click on the I ACCEPT button.
  • If a parent/guardian is not present at the time of lab order creation, you may click on the EMAIL A LINK button. This action will send the email notification to a parent/guardian with a URL link to the consent form.

At this time, all specialty tests (kit based tests) will require a consent form to be filled in manually for patients under 18. Patients must be 6 years or older for tests that require any blood draws. Please contact the Evexia Client Service team to obtain the consent form prior to sending the specimen sample to the lab along with the requisition form.

If You Have Questions Please Contact Our Client Success Team By Phone


Minor Patient Parental Consent Form

In the event you are ordering for a minor and require the Parental Consent Form to fill out, download it by clicking the button and Email (info@evexiadiagnostics.com) or fax (888.952.2723) it back to us.