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Omega-3    •   Vitamin D     •    B12    •    DHA

OmegaQuant is an independent, CLIA-certified lab that offers Omega-3 Index, Vitamin D, Prenatal DHA and Mother’s Milk DHA testing to researchers, clinicians and the public.

Omega-3 Index Basic*

The Omega-3 Index Basic Test measures the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood. Studies show 8% is the optimal level of omega-3.

Omega-3 Index Plus*

The Omega-3 Index Plus Test measures fatty acid levels in the blood and reports omega-3, omega-6 and trans fat blood levels.

Omega-3 Index Complete*

The Omega-3 Index Complete Test measure all the fatty acids in the blood, and reports levels of all 24 fatty acids as well as the Omega-3 index, Ratios, and the Trans Fat Index.

Vitamin D*

The Vitamin D Test measures the amount of this important nutrient in your blood.

Methylmalonic Acid Test (uMMA) A B12 Status Marker**

The Vitamin B12 test measures a substance called methylmalonic acid (MMA) in the urine, which is a specific indicator of low B12 status. The more MMA you have, the more likely you are to be low in this critical nutrient.

Prenatal DHA*

The Prenatal DHA Test measures the amount of DHA in the blood. Studies show 5% is the level women should shoot for during pregnancy.

Mothers Milk DHA***

The Mother’s Milk DHA Test measures the amount of omega-3 DHA in breast milk. Studies show breast milk is the best way to deliver DHA to your growing baby.

* Dried blood spot sample collection.      ** Urine sample collection.      *** Milk sample collection.