Before your tests: Review and follow any special instructions from your doctor. Some tests may require you
to fast for a certain period, refrain from taking certain medication and supplements, and/or refrain from
certain activities. The accuracy of your test results would depend on how well you follow the instructions so be sure to check with your doctor in advance.

STEP 1:  Find a Patient Service Center
Your tests will be performed by LabCorp. Find a convenient
location near you using the service center locator to make an appointment.

STEP 2: Visit a Patient Service Center

Bring: (1) Lab Order Form (LabCorp logo with “Patient Service Center Request” at the top)
(2) Photo Identification

STEP 3:  At Patient Service Center (PSC).

  1. ** Do not show proof of insurance
  2. ** Do not make any payment for the test(s)
  • If PSC is unable to find your lab order in the system, please call customer support at 855-935-5382 for assistance.

STEP 4:  Wait for Test Results Notification Lab results will normally become available in 3 to 10 business days for most tests. Contact your doctor on the status of your test results.