Maybe you are new to ordering conventional lab testing and looking for a place to start. Or perhaps you are a seasoned clinician interested in learning about the most popular tests your colleagues are using. Regardless, Evexia Diagnostics is dedicated to supporting clinicians in growing their practices and achieving improved patient outcomes. This straightforward guide provides a breakdown of the Top 10 conventional tests ordered through Evexia Diagnostics and the added insight they can offer you in clinical care.

Phlebotomy Services

Access to Thousands
of Patient Service Centers, Regional Medical Centers, and Hospitals.

Evexia also offers the convenience of drawing in-office.

Mobile Phlebotomy Service

Evexia Diagnostics™ provides access to a network of over 6,000 carefully selected mobile phlebotomists, covering almost every major city in the U.S. These trained professionals can travel to your office or patient’s home to collect specimens for any of the tests that we offer which require a blood draw, including COVID-19 options. Multiple options are available to suit your needs and those of your patients.